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Presentation and Speaker Coaching | Mark Davies

Presentation and Speaker Coaching

If you have to do a speech or presentation and you need that extra edge, or just want to know how to get started then Mark can help.

From presentations to corporate boards for multi-million pound projects to speaking in front of large enthusiastic audiences Mark has done it all over the last 15 years. So if you have a need, want or desire to stand comfortably in front of your audience and know that not only are you conveying your message in a clear concise way but that the audience understand it, enjoy it and appreciate you for delivering it. Then contact Mark today.

Mark only works one on one with individuals who have a specific speech or presentation to deliver, or have to do so on a regular basis and are looking to improve. There are many training programmes out there for people who wish to pick up the skill to add to their skill set but when you absolutely positively have to deliver that killer presentation then Mark is the one to call.

Mark can do intensive sessions to get that upcoming presentation or speech to perfection, or he can work with you over a few sessions so that the skills can be practiced and bed-in before another session to provide a lasting quality result.

Mark will address the following and more:

  • Fear of speaking, failure, looking stupid
  • How to structure your presentation or speech
  • The best use of slides
  • Use of humour
  • How to make people want to listen
  • How to build rapport
  • The key thing you must get your audience to do
  • How best to open
  • How best to close
  • How to deal with technical failures and keep going
  • How to interact with the audience
  • How to make them love you!
  • And more…

Contact Mark today to get started.

Email: mark@markdavies.me
Office: 03300 882653
Mobile:07860 879703