Presentations & Workshops

Whether its a keynote presentation for business leaders of both large or small companies, workshops and interactive presentations or motivational talk to teams Mark can provide what your audience needs. Together with following workshops which can be tailored for time, audience and company specific requirements, Mark also provides Presentation and Speaker coaching to individuals who need that 1 on 1 time, see here for more details.


40 Fast Technology Tips : Get more from what you’ve got!

Increased time and efficiency through better us of technology.

Audience: Senior Leaders, Directors and Business owners – typically CEO / MD and FD

“Getting More From Your Technology” Is aimed at that frustrated business leaders and senior management who can’t seem to fig

It’s often the simplest tip that can change your thinking the greatest amount. Looking at something differently or using something simple you never even knew existed can have a profound effect on your results and productivity. These are the things that your members will find out.

They will leave with a newfound love of the technology they already have, be that on their desk, in the cloud or in thMark Davies presenting workshopeir pocket.

This session is about getting minds excited and hearts pounding over the new possibilities they could have at their fingertips. Whether they have a basic mobile phone to a sophisticated mobile office there is always something to learn and new tools that can change your daily routine and make a difference to your business bottom line.


Today technology is everywhere and it only gets more sophisticated. Whilst some still shy away from it, that is often out of fear or lack of understanding as to what it can bring. Whether you are a technophile or a technophobe there is always a new upgrade to your own operating system and built in app store that is required.

Using an interactive approach of showing, sharing and trying new apps and ideas linked together with real world examples and stories the audience will understand more how technology can help them and their teams to work more effectively to save time, be more productive and learn to embrace it and the changes it can bring to their lives and their business.

To get the most from this session delegates should bring their smartphone or tablet or if not then laptop as they may want to try some things straight away and certainly in the breaks.



Better Business: There’s an App for that

Audience: Business owners and entrepreneurs from both small and large organisations

mark-at-psaThis is an entertaining and highly informative session from 15 mins to 90 minutes all about using simple technology to better improve your business. This presentation is highly focussed on the business area in which the audience operate and has been tailored previously for general business, speakers, fitness professionals, health enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs. The will change to reflect the audience and presentation content, e.g. Faster Fitness: There’s an app for that, was very well received and enjoyed by all at a fitness festival in 2014.

Due the nature of the changing landscape of technology this presentation is continually updated to include some of the latest things that can be of benefit to the audience, it is not a dated continually repeated presentation,. It is an up to date entertaining and informative session on getting more from technology that you probably already have access to.

IT’s Elementary

Audience: IT Leaders, Team Leaders and Technical Staff

“IT’s Elementary” Is aimed at your IT team. If you have a willing and able or even unwilling and awkward technical team then whether they just need a little help or a huge reboot up their peripherals then Mark can change them to  motivated, inspired, even helpful team!

No more- computer says No! –

It doesn’t matter if you have geeks or gurus there is always something the team can learn from this entertaining, often challenging approach to running your team and technology. Your team will leave this workshop with a new perspective on how to work with technology and how to provide the service to their customers.

Mark will walk your team through scenarios and real world situations. This will cover all areas of how to be an exceptional technology team and stop  being a fire fighting, reactive pseudo superhero. It’s time to put the capes away and start delivering business driven, value lead, technology.

This is delivered as a 1/2 or full day event with greater content in the full day digging deeper into the mindset and psychology of a technical team.